Since my last article about journals was a massive hit i decided to make a part 2. A how to guide to creating your own bullet journal. This article will give you tips and inspiration for creating the best bullet journals. Firstly start by getting yourself a notebook. My favourite notebooks for bullet journals are those with hard covers. I love to customise covers to make them my own.

1. Find a journal to create your bullet journal, and customise it

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The next step of your bullet journal is to create an index page or a key. Use the first few pages of your journal for this. Later this will make it easier for you to find certain pages in your book.

2. Create an index page

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Next is a yearly, monthly and daily overviews. This is where you can become very creative with your bullet journal!!

3. Create yearly, monthly and daily overviews

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Next is to create lists. Lists can be a great way to organise things, and you can make them look pretty while you're at it.

4. Create lists

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Last but not least make it your own. Personalise it in anyway that you want and use it as a way of expressing yourslef

5. Make it your own!!

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Thank you so much for reading and stay posted... xo