"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." —Mahatma Gandhi
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Skin is extremely important for good health, because it protects the rest of your body from germs and infectious agents.
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What you eat has a direct correlation to how you look. Even the intake of water has a big role to play because if you are dehydrated, it will leave your skin looking dry, flaky and lifeless.
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According to dermatologists, nutritionists and medical experts, Vitamins A, E, K, C, and D are vital for a healthy skin.
  • 1. Vitamin A

It facilitates elimination of stratum corneum - the outermost layer of skin with dirt and dead cells - and the formation of new cells.

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Sweet potatoes, carrots, fish, bell peppers and green leafy vegetables are some of the best sources of Vitamin A. The micronutrient fights thinning of skin and makes it firmer.
  • 2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an absolute essential in your skincare regime. It comes packed with anti-ageing properties and is used in many anti-wrinkle creams.

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You can add Vitamin C to your diet in the form of citrus fruits, tomatoes, kiwi, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts and amla juice. It increases collagen production.
  • 3. Vitamin D

Another vital micro-nutrient for the skin, the best way to soak it in is through sunlight. The sunshine vitamin has been used to treat skin disorders like psoriasis and skin inflammation.

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Add salmon, eggs, milk, mushroom and orange juice in your diet to load up on Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also known to enhance the skin's immune system and protect it against infections.
  • 4. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is key for strong immunity and healthy skin and eyes. The most widely known health benefits of vitamin E are protection against toxins such as air pollution, premenstrual syndrome, eye disorders such as cataracts, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.

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Food items like almonds, avocado, tomato, spinach, hazelnuts and fish are excellent to meet your everyday Vitamin E requirement. This is an absolute essential for the nourishment of your skin
  • 5. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is known to guard the skin against arterial calcification and keep the skin elastin in proper health, making it smooth and supple. Vitamin K also facilitates the production of certain proteins essential for healthy skin cells.

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Brussel sprouts, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, tuna and dairy products are some of the ingredients that will help you load up on Vitamin K. It helps keep a check on acne and associated spotting.
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Famous Words

"Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year." ― Franklin Pierce Adams

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