Hello guys!
I'm tired cause' I've to wake early today just to submited an exam, and the only good thing of this is that I finished in only 45 minutes, it was easy. Then a friend(well I just feel really nervous when he comes to me, and I don't know why feel nervous) wants to tell me the things that will come in my Stadistic test, and I invite him to eat with me, because I was going to eat, duh. But it was kind of uncomfortable, because two of my friends hate him and tried to kick him out of the table. And finally he said goodbye and left the table( I promise I will tell you the story I have with my friend, but not i this note). After I ate with my friends, we start talking about many ways to said to my parents to left me go to the party that is tonight, and finally we got a perfect idea(which I will tell you tomorrow) finally I go to my home and say hi to my family; even my pet, her name is Amy (another personal thing about me). Then I sleep like for 3 hours, and here I'am telling you what happen in my day.

Song of the day
"The way life goes(feat Oh Wonder)" by Lil Uzi Vert

that all, tomorrow will be more exciting I promise you. and well follow me or if you have a comment for this type me :)

see you tomorrow...