I thought about writing this article to express my opinion about certain situations. As you can see,i'll talk bout feelings.
During our lives,we have different states and feelings.

well,even if we want or not ,we live this feeling,is..like the one of the most terrible.Even if is that so,we have to get over it.
1.First of all,try not to be a lonely person,you always need somebody by your side,for talking,for piece of advice or support.
2.If you are sensitive try to overcome your fears,enter into discussions,express your feelings without reliance and talk to someone about your feelings,you will become a stronger person.
3.Try to free your mind from all your negative thoughts and think positively,and so you will solve the problems that you have much easier.
4.Try not to be a 'drama queen' and do not take into account the negative opinions of others about you.

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I don't think i need to mention anything about this feeling,we all want to have it,and it's normal.
1.Think positive.

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2.Workout at least 15 minutes a day,and eat healthy food.

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3.Listen to music.

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4.Go out with your friends and have fun.

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5. Read books.

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No one want this.We are often disappointed by the people we do not expect.
It's hard to get over a disappointment,but try to:
1.Be optimistic with the thought of finding a person who would not dare to do this to you.
2.Discuss with you loved ones about your feelings(parents,siblings,relatives)
3.Think that it all happened for a reason and maybe they didn't deserved you.
4.Move on.

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ohhh...I'm in love with the thought of being in love.
1.If you like a boy,do not try to be too desperate,try to show him your feelings,but be discreet.

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2.If you were betrayed or disappointed in a former relationship,do not be afraid to try again to love.

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3.Love is the one that binds us,so don't be afraid to try.

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4.Even if you love a person of the same sex,do not be ashamed to show it,there is nothing out of the ordinary.Love is Love.

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What an irritating feeling.
1.If your partner talks with another girl,do not overdo or make thoughts about what you see,it can be a simple discussion.

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2.If you are jealous when you see your ex with another girl,you may still be attached to him or possessive.

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~ I wanted to add that english is not my mother tongue so if you find some mistakes I apologize.

~For more articles,you can send me a message with the topic you want.