Over the years I have been in relationships, all different from each other. And I'll tell my perspective on them. Oh goodie memories and flashbacks.


Ah my first love , my first everything. 7th grade I never knew someone could love me so much. We were both new to this love thing. He was your typical gamer, beanie-wearing, punk rock, show-off but I'd loved it. As in our school we traveled all together, and we got to explore new things together. Such as going to the beach and seeing Oregon. But things went out of control and eventually I had to transfer out. This was my only relationship I've had ever felt the most happiest I've ever been as they say you never forget your first love.

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Like I said I had to transfer in another school and there I met Hugo in 8th grade, he was always in-n-out of a relationship and me not knowing which number of girls I was. I was mesmerized by his guitar and his sweet talking. aS I do regret this relationship I'm actually glad he tried talking to me every time he could but the biggest problem I ever had was his obsession with gaming. We would talk and he was A L W A Y S be playing some sort of new game. And the rage he would lash out on me led me to end it. I guess now it's all neutral.

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During my Sophomore year I met this incredible guy and we became
great friends. We had the same interest in music, his outfits were so authentic, he sk8ed,took breath-taking photos and had an amazing singing voice. We then hit it off from there and talked so much. but it never developed into a relationship. Out of nowhere he cut me off, I searched for him just for him to lie to me. I had a feeling there had to be someone else, and yes there was. It killed me and I learned rage and sadness, seeing him and her living my dream in the photos of his camera. But for him he left the state and their itty bitty relationship turned to a hot mess. After that we managed to talk again and be friends again.

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Little did I know my Sophomore year one of my ex's (Hugo) friends had a crush on me. I kid u not he wouldn't quit trying to talk to me (WHICH WAS CUTE) and during the time I did like to take advantage and teasing a bit, but I was still mourning over what happened my emotions were all railed up. He never confessed and my Junior year I had to balls to. I did admire that he was also a skater (as all were Y didn't I see that pattern?!) and that he would always wear black, yet his personality was so positive, he was just full of surprises. I did hate myself for falling in love, which wasn't what I expected. Shocked as he was when I confessed ..our relationship never rly felt like one more like a friends with benefits + feelings. But I still think he's a nice guy and time wasn't as kind to us
so the usual breakup n friends again.

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12:01 11/24/2017