Ok, so, if you don't have too much money in your piggie bank, something that really isn't a shame, I have a few good suggestions for super-creative and totally cheap gifts! (for Christmas ofc)

1.Postcards (postcard album)

If you have postcards from different places you have been to, you can gather them all into an album and give it to your loved one! This will impress the person and he/she will always have a book with all your beautiful memories! If you want to give it a special Christmas scent, spray it with some cinnamon perfume or vanilla essence! Add some red/green/white glitter here and there and here you are! Smells like Christmas!

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2. Bullet journal

Oky, everyone must have a bulley journal. Even adults (lol). First of all because they keep track of things you want to note down and because they are fun to do, calming and relaxing. If you want to buy a bujo to one of your friends / relatives it shouldn't cost too much! But if you feel like it's more than you can achieve just buy a simple notebook or agenda with blank pages (or even lined ones, that works too!). If you still think it's too much for you, you can just do one by yourself! I'll let you a link to a DIY bullet journal.

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3. Knitted clothes

If you wanna offer a nice pair of cozy socks or a sweater or something else, you can just knit it! If you already know how to knit then this one should be easy peasy for you! If you don't know how to knit but you are skillful at hand-made work, you should start learning from now, so you have time to do something nice for your beloved one. You can give someone cute cozy Christmas socks, sweaters, fur caps, fur gloves, muffles. Or even a nice pair of leggings! Just spread you creativity and put love into it and it's gonna be awesome!

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4. Photo frames

If you want to make them remember your Christmas gift as long as possible and be the most special gift, but don't don't want to spend your whole bank on it, just hand-make a photo frame by yourself! Firstly look for a good-looking photo with you and the person. Secondly, look for a photo frame and the right dimension that matches the photo. If you can't afford to buy one, even one at second-hand standards or if you're not safe / sure with it, make one. If you don't know how to improvise one, just ask one of your friends/relatives for it, they must have one, but remember to don't tell them what is it for, as it is a surprise ;3. In case that you still can't find one, you can go in the house's attic / basement ( or wherever your family stores things and old boxes), and search through old family stuff, there has to be a frame with an old photo that you can get out! If you can't find a frame to match your photo, edit and resize it, (or crop it), and done! Add glitters, sparkles, cute winter stickers or anything to make your frame look new and awesome! If you feel to, even repaint it :).

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5. Photo album

If you want to show them you worked harder on something specially just for them, and 100% made by you, you should give them an album full of your amazing memories together! If you don't have any album already, you can ask someone from your family for one, or you can search through your old family stuff (again), get an album from there (smelling like an antique book), get the photos out from it (hoping they won't turn to dust, cause family stuff's old) and put in new memories!
If you don't find any, you can always improvise! Just take an usual notebook, throw some fabulous photos in it, fart some sparkle, puke some rainbows over it, draw a little hare and there and your totally cool, personalized hand-made album's gonna rock!

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If you found out an old family photo album, and wanna make it look better, draw over the pages with markers, paints, anything colored! Add decorations and other pretty things and spray it with a cinnamon scented perfume (so that horrible smell of old book goes away) or with any other scent. You can even spray it with vanilla / chocolate / strawberry / etc. essence! If you feel to you can even write little pieces of memories in corners or in text bubbles according to the pics! Just inpire yourself and put love into it and you'll amaze your friend/relative with the amazing gift!

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6. A letter

Write a letter to the person with the things you appreciate most about them! Fill it with nice small doodles and hearts and other decorations and there you are! It's a nice gift and the person's gonna love it! If you wanna write more you can even bring along some of your wonderful times together from the past or really anything you want about them! Just be you!

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And don't be afraid or shy to give them your most beautiful honest thoughts about them in that letter! They'll put a price on it even more!

7. A movie

There's no way to show your love towards family or friends anyway than making a photo movie just for them! You can browse for their best photos on their social medias, so they won't be embarassed if you put a certain photo, and put them in the movie! If you can't find any, take that person out and expose him/her to a secret photo session! Pretend to take photos as memories! They won't even know what hit them! Add some effects / FXS, and you're done! I'll also leave some suggestions with apps that you can use for this, or if you have access to a laptop/computer whenever you like, just open Powerpoint and throw your creativity (and the pictures) there! Also don't hesitate to edit your photos with Adobe photoshop to make them look better, or any other app!

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8. A draw

Yes, you can even draw! If the person really loves you he/she is gonna appreciate your gesture rather than the gift itself! Tho, a good gift won't hurt anyone, but I'm sure you can do great no matter what! You can portrait the person and add from the scratch a Merry Christmas in a corner, if you're so talented after all ;)
If not, you can doodle on some blank pages a few, really cute and emotional moments from your life (yours and theirs) and throw a Merry Christmas somewhere at the end. If you feel inspirational, you can even add decorations like jingle bells, Christmas trees, mistletoe, snowflakes etc as edges! Just throw your memories on the blankness of the paper! (maybe add some ink too (; )

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9. A song

Since you're so talented and fabulous at everything, why don't you dedicate a song to your beloved one?
You can compose one by yourself or if you tangle your pen in the lyrics, you can ask a friend/family member to help you out! (and when I say to help you out I don't mean put them do all the job for you, just help you stick some lyrics together so they actually mean something)
If you really don't want something composed by you, you can take a Christmas song from YouTube and sing it (or any other song).
You can even make a little mash-up, take several lyrics from different songs, find a good instrumental and voila! What a good job!

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10. Explosion box

This is the most awesome hand-made, easy and cheap gift you could offer to someone (from my point of view). It's like a photo album. Just that it surprises the person you're offering it to more. It's a hand-made thingy that looks like a box, and when you pull the cover it unfolds like an explosion and reveals it's wonderful inside! You can fill if with photos, and along with the photos you can also add some texts bubbles with something from you, or even draw/doodle! Your explosion box, your choices!
I'm not gonna explain the whole process, the main objective is to be as creative as you can and I'll leave a link for ya to a tuto.

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This was all! I hope I inspired you and that this article helped you, even if it was, uh, a lily bit longer that expected (and maybe boring). Thank you for reading, if you liked it, show it some love!
If you want to message me about what I should write next, or give a feedback to this article, my messages are always open!

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