Some people want to live their own lifestyle as being productive though I have for you a few tips for changing your lifestyle to a more schematic and motivational life.

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and this is exactly what I want to achieve with this article.

1. Try to do something every day that brings you closer to your goal.
A productive person is known for his/hers goals and dreams that he/she tries to achieve step by step by doing something for it every day.

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2. Try to make your life like a schedule.
I personally hated schedule but now I am extremely happy that schedules exist! Productive people try to make there day into a schedule. eg: 8: 30-9: 00 Stand up & Workout, 9: 30-10: 30 Studying for (Math), 10: 30-11: 30 Watching TV, 11:30 -13: 00 Food, 13: 00-15: 00 Resting, 15: 15-15: 45 Book reading, 16: 00-17: 00 Studying for Biology, 17: 00- ... Watching movies, Writing Article and Showering.
(This is just one example of how you could classify day.)

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Last one tho :D

3. Be confident and think positive!
Try to get up early every day, Eat healthy, do workouts and enjoy your life ... If you want to ask something, ask. If you want to try something, try it (Make the right choices for certain things) Try everything ... At every difficult period that you experience such problems you must always think positively because then you will also get a positive return from life. The universe loves stubborn hearts.

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And for the last one: You all beautiful don't let people with no brains say that you are ugly or stupid just laugh and go away or do it like me punch them once in the face and they never speaks to you like that :D.

4. Make future plans.
Try to plan for your future ... (Ex: Choose your own dream car or house) I know you should never look ahead in the future but I think that this motivates you to work extra hard for your future plans and goals or dreams.

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5. Let go of your creativity.
Let go of your creativity once, try to write a book, show your drawing, make photography or even music like DJ? You will be surprised to see what talents you have . :D.

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I know it is a short article but very motivating!
I hope that everyone passes their Christmas exams well, I have mine within 2-3 weeks.

If you have ideas for a new article or want to ask me something send me a message i always answer your question <3 .

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Kisses SNOW <3