It can be different for everybody.
You up to your chin in love with a person who might never find out.
Or maybe it's this dark feeling you've been pushing away for months which you knew never really stopped nibbling at you; but now you just looked down and realized it ate up more than half of you.
Maybe its feeling lost, because you honestly have no idea what to do next.

Its this feeling. And it can be different for everybody.

There's something you have to change, because you know there's something that you're doing wrong. But that's terrifying and you feel stupid and weak precisely for that reason.

But it's not about labeling yourself. Calling yourself weak, because in the end you got that concept from someone else. Someone else told you that you were "x" if you did this or that, and that's what's making you stop, and hesitate.

It's about making it slow down - the feeling. Stop it from whirling you around and blurring everything around you, making you panic. It's about stepping back, stepping down. Stop fighting the feeling and start working with it or on it.

See the bigger picture. Just shut up and look. Look up. Look around. Think.
It's not that bad now, is it?

That's just a little progress, it's not all. There's still plenty of work to be done. What? You thought climbing up the mountain and finally finding that calmness within you that let you get all the way to the top was all?
Nah, you still have to actually climb down. Some even call it the most difficult part, the one that's most exhausting, you have to willingly put in the work.
And at first, you didn't even realize you were beginning to climb a mountain, you didn't even notice it - that your breath was getting shallower, that your legs were starting to burn, that you had your heart in your throat.
When it starts getting worse, you notice it, and you see that the climb is only getting steeper. You start to panic, you get stuck, you start moving faster. But it seems endless and the things you're stuck on are only wrapping themselves tighter around you.
It all blurs together now, you can't tell how long you've been here anymore, you can barely remember what it was all like before.
And then one day, because of something you did or something that happened you realize: there are other people here, too. They suddenly all materialize. You hadn't seen them before, you'd been all alone and up in your head way too much to take notice. You ask for help, and it works. It's not much but its definitely better than before. The ropes and things you were stuck on start to loosen up, and the breathing gets a little easier. Your heart is still a rabid animal inside you ribs but its no longer launching itself against the back of your throat wanting to get out.
Of course at times, it all returns. You slip and the ropes tighten around you again, you feel like there's a pile of bricks sitting on your chest and your heart wants to run away into the night.
But now you know there are people there and its only a matter of time.
Some people take a very long time to realize and that's fine. There's nothing wrong with that. As long as you do realize it some time. Some people never realize it and the ropes tighten so much, too much around them (whether literally or not) and they never get to overcome that mountain.
What matters is that somehow you get better, you stop feeling like crap, and fight, climb, work, think or whatever it is that you think you need to do in order to feel happy again. This is very much about you, of course help is needed, but trampling over others isn't. Maybe you'll do something that your parents don't want you to do, or end up putting yourself out there in a way that will make people laugh at you. I don't know what it is that you want, what you're working towards. Don't lose your patience. Just don't lose it (completely) (because I mean if you relate or understand this on any level you're more like me than anyone, including me, wants to let on, and I've lost more than a couple of grams of sanity)
(but heyy, welcome to the club!)

Anyways, that's what I think. Maybe I'm completely off the charts here but you know, just something for you to consider. Apply it to your life however you want. Maybe it seems a little extreme to you and that's great. Because to me that means you're a little less messed up than most and I sincerely hope you stay that way.