hey! so, i've been posting nothing but fall playlists using articles, so i figured i'd change pace a bit and give you a little insight on who i am as a person. i'm kind of boring, so brace yourselves. (also, the cover image is a b e a u t i f u l picture of me from 2012. quite obviously model material.)

what's my name?
my full name is devyn, but i prefer to go by dev.

how old am i?
i'm fourteen

how long have i been on whi?
around two years

where am i from?

what does my username mean?
my username is the title of the new politics song 'east coast thrilla' from their most recent album, 'lost in translation'. the username seemed fitting for me because new politics is one of my favourite bands, 'lost in translation is one of my favourite albums, and i'm from the east coast of canada.

what are my favourite shows?
riverdale (i know i'm basic), izombie, stranger things, haters back off (what? it's really funny!), and powerpuff girls (because i'm still five mentally)

what are my favourite movies?
any marvel movie! but my absolute favourite is the new thor movie. it's so funny!

who are my favourite bands?
my top five are fall out boy, waterparks, ajr, the wrecks, and neck deep, but i have many many many more, ranging from pop-punk to edm to metalcore to pop.

who are my favourite singers?
kelly clarkson, k.flay, melanie martinez, daya, halsey, ariana grande, hoodie allen, mac demarco, selena gomez, camila cabello, ed sheeran, shane harte, aviva, adele, alessia cara, beck, charlie, conan gray, dodie, gabbie hanna, grace vanderwaal, harry styles, julia michaels, lady gaga, and so many more.

what do i want to do when i'm older?
if my channel doesn't work out (which i don't expect it to), i either want to be a music photographer, work for alternative press, rocksound, or don't bore us, or be the front woman of my own band (a pop-punk band called fundy which curently only consists of me and my best friend, emily). but whatever i do, i don't want some generic job. i'll never be content with that. i want to constantly be traveling and creating, and working in the music industry in someway. i don't want to leave collage or university and get some boring job that's close to home and start a family and all that stuff. i want to move to a big city, maybe toronto, new york, or la, and do what i love. i want to take my time and fall in love when i'm ready. i don't want to have kids, but i want to adopt one or two. i just don't want to have a normal life.

what do i do in my free time?
i love reading, writing (novels, poems, songs, short stories, and these articles), running, playing soccer, and figure skating.

why do i love music so much?
i get my love of music from my dad. he's always loved music for his whole life too, and he introduced me to a lot of my favourite bands. music also shaped me into the person i am today. when i was one of those basic tumblr quality girls, i only listened to pop music. but i started listening to fall out boy, which led me to my emo phase, and as cringy as i was in that phase, i wouldn't be my current self without going through it. now, i'm kind of a pop-punk kid mixed with a deep edgy indie chick, and i've never been happier. and of course, music has pulled me out of my darkest times.

that's all i got for you!
hope i didn't bore you to death. rip.