Hey boy I really wanna see If you can go downtown with a girl like me Hey boy, I wanna be with you 'Cause you just my type Ooh na na na na ♬

Yepppp so i guess every girl got her own dream boy but i didn't say that my date need to be exactly like what I'm about to tell yaaaa. Coz actually ♪ i aint got no type. bad bitch is the only thing that i like #jk (Told u i always random lyrics the mid of convos lol )

# Magic dosent exist alright? so this is just my magic man he is not exist lmfao

1. Boys who play basketball

I don't know i was born in the country that soccer is the most popular sport and seem like all the boys know how to play soccer so there is nothing special bout them boys. I actually like tall guys and most of basketball player are tall lol.

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2. The musicians

Of coz every body love music but to me i mean not only he is good at playing guitar piano or sing but like.. he can write the song something like. Is that too much lol ? and whenever i random some lyrics in the mid of convos he knows what song it is. He is the one lmfao.

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3. Guys who look good in snapback or grey sweatpants.

Wearing snapback is going to make them look like high school boys. i mean on the date that we just need to chill. Cute as fuckkkkkk. If he show up on the second date with snapback. I think i need to be ready for heart attack. ( We can see the print in grey sweatpants lmfao JK nasty shit agin sorry )

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4. The athletic

I don't really like guys with muscles or 8 packs spend most of the time at the gym. Coz i kinda like outdoor activity like running hiking biking boxing or parkour lol. Don't need to know how to cook but would be great coz i suck at cooking. If he can do the backflip he is the one lmfao

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5. Got sense of humour n Creative af

Hell yeah i know all the girls love the guys who keeping her laugh all the time and also make her cry. To me i laugh a lot and i love making people laugh i am the craziest one . But wait not the guys that joke with everything or make fun of people i mean the creative joke. Really don't know how to explain lol. If he makes stupid face to make me laugh he is the one.

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6. Older than me

Well i actually like smart guys but don't have to be too smart coz I'm stupid and retarted most of the times lol . Older than me bout 2 or 3 years so he can be like my big brother and he gone treat me like lil sistaaaa lol.
If you he is over protective person he is the one lmfao.

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should i use this pic? lmfao

7. Know how to dougie lol

Jk don't need to but can dance like dance in the clubs enjoys the music.
if he sing along n dance randomly in the public he is the one.

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8. Brown eyes

Omg i am so in love with those brown eyes. Its just like i was under spell like he's try hypnotise me. I was lost for a moment don't even know what she said. So if you got brown eyes don't look at me imma faint.

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9. Curry hair n Thick eyes brown

Cute af lil bit brown OMG call ambulance for me. but not that curry like wavy ? idk but not straight and keep it short.

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10. The man who never say "love"

As i mention on the last article i don't do romance so don't have to say love me or miss me or the times but showing it. Dont have to treat me like a princess just let me know you will always be there for me and never let me go when i trya leave.

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# I don't like friendly guys please keep ur smile and stupid face only for me

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