Bonjour mes amies! I had a tonne of enjoyment writing my first article, so I decided why not go for another! A large part of my hearts are of fashion and outfits as I love to build a collection which represents fashion challenges mixed with my own personal style. So I live in a very mixed climate that can quickly go from below freezing to smoking hot to hailing. So in theory my daily clothing should cover a fair amount of weather. These are obviously good options for my body type, but may or may be not right for yours, and that is A okay. This article will be outlining my daily go to clothing items, and I just really hope you guys will get some inspiration for your closet or perhaps share your wardrobe favourites too. I would love to read them!

(I mix and match these with each other)

Classic White Shirts

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I love a simple white silky shirt. I can confidently say at least half of my shirts would be under this category.

Black Modern Camisoles

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Once again like the white shirts, they match anything and if you got a few, style them up or down!

Statement Shirts

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Always a confidence booster for me are the fancy statement shirts. Whether it be referee stripes or a nice quality tunic or even just raised fabric.

Mom Jeans

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I know, I know. Sometimes hideous, sometimes fabulous. You really have to make sure you get a good fit to your waist to make sure mom jeans work well.

Mid-High Waisted Skinny Jeans

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I personally love high or mid waisted ones just to be able to tuck shirts into and for cropped shirts at school or work.

Flowy Patterned Shorts

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They're comfy, stylish, and often have pockets. What else do I have to say.

Black Chelsea Boots

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I love, love, LOVE, my chelsea boots. They match everything, can be counted as fancy, and be used in rain and very minor snow.

Lace Up Flats

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Tie them up until your knees or wrap the laces around your ankles into a bow. An amazing hot days shoe.

Denim Jackets

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Cuff the sleeves, and pair it with the mom jeans and get a trendy take on the Canadian tuxedo.

Oversized Brightly Coloured Rain Jackets

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This was a 90s style as both of the great ones I've found are from the era. I was amazed at how many compliments I got at first, but they grew on me. Bonus: they have great pocket space, are very unique, and super comfy.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

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A thing I love that work with anything are hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweaters. I enjoy basic ones with a little quirk to them.

Simple Yet Unique Sweaters

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I'm talking about the ones you find in Glam and Fame, or Aritzia. I sadly have not yet acquired tacky sweaters, as although extremely fluffy or odd cuts, most of my sweaters are black, grey, or very simple colours.

Mid-Thigh Dresses

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For summer, (or winter with tights or leggings) I like to break out patterned dresses. I love busy fabrics like patterned stripes or bumpy textiles.

Pearl Earrings

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I was given a pair when I was younger and wear them often. Hoodie and jeans: pearl earrings. Fancy wedding: pearl earrings. A classic must in a wardrobe.

Autumn/ Winter Scarves

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Patchwork, green, red, fluffy, homemade? As long as it's warm!

Black Belt With Statement Buckle

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Finally to finish an outfit, a belt! Perhaps it has a tarnished silver buckle. Always nice to pair with jeans or a dress to spice up a basic outfit without it being unflattering.

That was much longer than I intended. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to look over this! I hope you might get some ideas for your own wardrobe. Merci!

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