5 Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive To Other People, According To Science:

1. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact has been shown to increase feelings of intimacy between people.

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2. Be a Good Listener

People love talking about themselves, especially with someone who's actually paying attention.

3. Wear Red

It is proven red makes you more attractive and memorable.

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4. Get Touchy

Touch their hand or arm, maybe their hair. As long as you're not always touching them Haha.

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5. Validation

You need to make people feel like winners, a feeling that leads directly to love and trust.

6. Smell good

Smelling good instantly makes people attracted to you, a lot of people like vanilla, and flower scents.

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7. Smile

Smiling has been shown to make you seem more friendly, confident, and attractive to others.

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Hope This helped. Don't forget, you slay.