He held my hand and told me it was forever
He filled my heart with words so clever

Dream, free, and words image love, together, and hands image

I had felt something like this before
That feeling where my heart wants to soar
Only with my past I wasn’t so sure

They would chew me up and spit me out
What they told me was lies no doubt

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I never want to feel so foolish again
Can I still believe in good men?

I see it now in him
as he turns to me looking so fine and slim

His words and actions align like they should
I would chose to only be around him if I could
I have fallen head over hills for this man from Brentwood

From the wrong side of the tracks they say
But he tells me he is here to stay

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Always here to protect me
And honestly thats all I see
as we sit in the cold under this tree

He wraps another blanket around me as the breeze blows
They smell like him, like a manly rose
His love for me constantly shows

He has taken me to his secret spot
Its in a hidden place where we can’t be caught

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I feel so special being here
as i sip on wine and him beer

He says he has something special to say
He says “I guess there is only one way…”

“ Ashley...my boo,
I love you

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and with that my heart exploded
He fired his gun and it was loaded

The past three months with him flashed in my head
but “ I love you too ” was all I said

He pulled me close, and pressed his lips against mine
If I were made of gold I would’ve surely shined

No more worries about my chose in him
My past may have been grim

but as I looked into his eyes, I was fueled with comfort and laughter
And in that moment I knew we would live happily ever after

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