If you arleady read my last article, you understand the behind reason of why im writing this right now. If not, feel free to go and check that one out first.
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I don't know if you can tell but this is a really important topic to me, because it literally changed my life. It absolutely changed the way i see my life and my surroundings. So i hope it can do something for you too.

I'm going to break this down so this will look more orginized.

1.- Why gratitude is good for you.

It helps you to value everything way more, your family, your loved ones, your body, etc. and it helps you to live in the present and appreciate the day to day basis and besides of making you feel happier.

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"Gratitude gives sense to our past, brings peace to the present and it creates a vision for the tomorrow."

Also i want to add that being grateful helps you to attract more good things into your life.

Look at it as if you make a favor to someone or you give them a gift (it can even be your dog) And you see how happy it makes them, you see them super content and grateful towards you. It'll make you feel glad, and motivated to keep giving them cute gifts and stuff, right?

Well, it's the same way God, the Universe, or whatever is you believe in feels like. If God sees you happy and grateful about whatever the situation you are in, it will keep him motivated to send you nice things.

Let's go back to the example. So if you see the reaction of that person or your dog is of dislike and discontentment, you won't feel like wanting to give them more stuff, it will dismotivate you quite a bit.

And again, it's the same.

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2.- Grateful because of the life you have.

Of course! Whatever is your situation. Clearly it might be easier for some people, and for some others, not very much. So if you are in the second group, let me try to help you.

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I've learned that every "problem" you may face, will always, and a mean ALWAYS will be there for good reason, and you'll get something really good out of it. It will present itself with an amazing lesson. Trust me.

I understand it might be difficult to see the positive side of something that can look so bad, dark and negative. You may feel like you are at the bottom of a huge hole and nothing seems good enough, but believe me, that is just the beginning.

It's all about perspective.

Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, but you've actually been planted.
—Christine Caine
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Accept things for what they are, don't force yourself to be happier, instead just try to be grateful and that will do the rest.

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Now, i want to put an example for what i wrote earlier, but you can totally skip it if you want:

Imagine you are in the bust stop and want to go to your house. A bus arrives, you just jump in and it starts moving again but then you realize that it was the wrong bus. So you start to freak out (totally normal) and you have thoughts like: "Omg! this is terrible! What am i going to do!! I will get lost!!" and blah, blah, blah. But then you just let it go and you get back your composure because you realize that's the only way you can solve things up. You make the bus stop, go down and you wait for the right bus until it arrives and you take it and you finally make it to your house.

The lesson out of it could be that now you are thankful, because that situation gave you more knowledge and thankful because you made it safe to your house.

Hope that made sense.

Another tipical example may be: "Oh i have a huge stomach ache!"
but you can feel thankful because the rest of your body is working marvelously.

And so on with the rest of the situations you are going thorugh and those that will be put in your path.

"Sometimes you have to move away a bit so you can appreciate a masterpiece."

So, yeah. Be grateful for everything you have and be grateful for everything you will have.

The breeze of the wind, the singing of birds, a good TV show, etc.

So simple things that we live with every day but if you think about it, they are wonderful, they are blessings.

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Thank you so much for reading this! xx

I hope you are doing great and if you ever need someone to talk to, if you need some advice, feel free to reach me out 😘

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