As someone that loves shopping, Black Friday is such a fun day for me. Not only do I get to pick out clothing to receive on Christmas, I get to spent the day with my family, which is my favorite part.

I have a couple main stores that are my go to for Black Friday shopping so I thought I would share them with you.

1.) American Eagle

American Eagle may be on the pricier side, but I love their clothing. They also usually have some really good sales on Black Friday that I have definitely taken advantage of. Last year they had all their flannels and sweaters for half price, which is amazing because they're normally $50. I would recommend going there this year if you normally don't.

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2.) Aerie

Although Aerie is basically American Eagle, I thought I would include this one separately because I love it just as much. Aerie is basically the pajama version of American Eagle and it's amazing. Being someone who loves comfy clothes and pj's, Aerie is one of my favorite places to shop, especially on Black Friday because they also have amazing deals. If you're looking for Christmas pajamas this year, I highly recommend getting them from Aerie because that is where I've been getting mine and I absolutely adore them.

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3.) Forever 21

Forever 21 can personally be really hit or miss for me. I sometimes find a bunch of things I love from there but sometimes I find nothing. However, the good thing about Forever 21 is the price of the clothes. Forever 21 is definitely cheaper than American Eagle and most times the quality is just as good. If you have a small budget for Black Friday, you can definitely get a lot at Forever 21.

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4.) PacSun

I don't always shop at PacSun, but over the years I have found some nice things there. They're definitely on the pricier side as well so you have to be willing to spend more money if you want to shop there.

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5.) Garage

Like Forever 21, this store is a hit or miss for me. However, the few things I've gotten from there I love so I think popping into one might be worth it on Black Friday.

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6.) Aeropostale

I normally don't shop there, actually, but last year around Black Friday I found a bunch of sweaters there that I really love. If you have time, definitely check it out to see if there's any good deals.

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7.) Lush

Although I don't normally buy anything at Lush, I love to go in and smell all the bath bombs and look at their Christmas range if they have it out. Lush is a great place to get people Christmas gifts (and they don't test on animals) so I definitely recommend going there this Black Friday.

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Here are most of the places I check out on Black Friday. And please don't cut your Thanksgiving celebration short to get Black Friday deals. Family time is so, so important, especially if you don't see them often!

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