paris, france, and light image paris, louvre, and france image notre dame, paris, and travel image city, paris, and travel image
I have already gone to Paris but I definitely want to go there again


autumn, city, and amsterdam image travel, amsterdam, and city image art, city, and book image city, amsterdam, and travel image
I want to visit Amsterdam for so long, I can't wait to go there


city, travel, and architecture image architecture, city, and building image city, travel, and photography image austria, vienna, and architecture image
In my opinion, a city full of culture with one of the best views


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I think I would love to visit every city in Greece but Santorini really looks amazing


lovely image beautiful, lodz, and my image minimal image city, lodz, and old town image
I visited this place this year when I went to Poland and completely fell in love


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I think what makes Berlin so interesting are the historical treasures it has. Totally love it


cities, milan, and travel image architecture, milan, and city image architecture, travel, and building image milan, architecture, and travel image
I wanted to go to Milan since I was little, I had the luck to go there this year. Completely in love with this city


city, light, and travel image city, travel, and photography image book, library, and luxury image porto, portugal, and vintage image
I'm from Portugal and I go to Porto a lot. I love every inch of these city and I'm always looking forward to go there!