1. My friends
I've got a set of ten wonderful girlfriends. We've each gone our own way now that we've graduated high school, however we still keep tabs on each other and meet up relatively often❤️

2. Animals
I pretty much love any animal, this might sound weird but even insects. I was a real weirdo when I was little and I would stay out for hours just looking at ants or crickets. I hate roaches though. Hate them.

3. Music
Once I find a good song... Man, it just gives me this rush of happiness. I don't hold a lot of prejudice over artists, but I tend to gravitate towards the people who write their own music. I just tend to find a deeper meaning in it and appreciate the musicality of it, it just turns into a completely different experience for me.

4. Art
It can be anything. A painting, a sculpture, a mural, a play, a dance. I'm not very picky at what I consider art either, in the sense that I don't turn up my nose at something that's not like classical, if you know what I mean. It can be like... the new choreography I found to Rihanna's "Skin" recently! You get me? Not picky.

5. Home decor/design
I'm officially a middle aged woman. I follow more people on instagram than I have followers simply because I follow so many accounts that post about home decor. And I'm saying this because I don't know that many people, not because the entire universe wants to follow me, because whaaaat? that would never happen. I like really vintage-y, old looking but still aesthetically pleasing things. Like I said, middle-aged woman.

6. Writing
I have been doing this since crazy thoughts have been coming to my head. So, pretty much since I learned to write. Its usually something along poetry, short stories, sometimes even entire stories/novels. You should see the storage I have packed with endless amount of notebooks, you know in ugly kid's writing.

7. Reading
I honestly wish I could say I've read more. My parents say I read a lot, but I feel like I haven't. I want to read the classics and I also want to discover more contemporary novels. However recently I haven't been able to put down poetry books. If you don't know what I mean search "rupi kaur" on instagram or anywhere, you'll see what I mean and you'll thank me later.

8. Dancing
Why didn't this come up before? I feel like I'm almost done and this came up just now which is ridiculous. I've been dancing since I was three. It started with ballet but then I got all rebellious and wore all black, when I was like 11 and decided I needed something more badass (stupid and pretentious, I know, plus not at all accurate because I love ballet now). Due to my Avril Lavigne phase I'm recently more invested in hip hop, contemporary and modern.

9. Telling stories
They don't have to be the ones I make up and write down, although let's face it, they could be (I'm crazy). But what I mean is just like when you're talking to people and somehow something comes up that makes you launch into this story about that one time where you did something, you know? Its fun and I just love entertaining other people. That sounds odd. But you know like making them laugh and ish.

10. Singing
I swear I'm making myself sound like a total hermit crab. I like locking myself in my bathroom or like being alone in my house and playing myself some sam smith and just letting it rip. Singing, I mean singing, if you thought about something else you're gross though I don't blame you, I went there for a reason.

[I also like baking healthy thingsss]
[and flowers and fields and concerts and the beach]