As everyone knows tomorrow (Friday) is Black Friday! It can be really hard to keep a budget and get every single thing you want in a few hours (especially with all those people). So, I will give you some tips!

1: Use coupons and sign up for emails!

Using coupons and signing up for emails is a great way to lower the prices for the items your buying. When you sign up for emails, the companies will send you coupons and discounts which you can use at the stores.

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2: Shop with others

Shopping with others is great, and Helpful! You guys can get more items you want since theirs two of you!

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3: Make a list

Making a list is helpful, it keeps you on budget and makes sure you don't buy things that are.

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4: Shop Online

When you shop online it will be so easier, you won't have sweaty people around you and you just have to buy something with 1 click.

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5: Use a shopping bag instead of a shopping cart

Use a bag instead of a shopping cart to move around easier and faster.

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6: Do not wear red to target

This sound weird right, but don't wear it. Your gonna see how many people mistake you as a target worker if you wear it.

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7: Shop items that never lower prices

Shopping items that are expensive and never go on sale are great on Black Friday, the item would likely go on sale!

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8: Stock up on items for other occasions

Black Friday is the day to buy items for other events such as Christmas, birthdays and weddings.

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9: Only pay in cash

When paying with credit or debit you won't keep track with how much you spend, consider spending with cash

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10: Know the stores' return policy

If you buy something, you need to know what the return policy is. If you buy a top and it doesn't fit you and you cant return it, what are you going to do?

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11: Leave kids at home

We all know Kids want to go shopping with you, but waiting in line is not their thing.

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12: Stock up on deals for your pets too!

Your pets also need items to satisfy them.

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I hope this will help you with your black Friday shopping tomorrow! What's your budget?

Xoxo - Crystal