As the snow was falling,she was sitting near her window with a cup of green tea.Her room was filled with her paintings while paint,clothes and papers made the artistic mess around her.

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Outside,the wind made tiny snowflakes dance in a cold white air.Her own world had more color than the outside world,but still,her heart felt grey like the winter skies.
Nothing was wrong but nothing right,and she was looking for something to give her inspiration and courage to start with a new painting.
When everything you look at seems like an ice desert,your soul becomes deserted as well.
And so she sat there,trying to see more than what this cold december day could give her.
She saw one small fox jumping in the white snow.
With small,small steps and a jump now and then,fox was getting closer to her window.
''How stupid most this fox be,'',she thought,'' coming so close to human house.''But foxes do not read minds,and so little one kept on coming closer,untill he came to her window.
His small wet nose and round yellow eyes were looking straight at her,while she had a feeling like being watched by a human.She opened her window and fox looked even more interested.She tried catching him but he moved away very gently.
''You are still a fox,little one.You know i'm a human and humans do bad things.Go back to the forest then!''
But fox sat there still,moving his tail and looking at her eyes.After few minutes,she stood up and went to open doors of her house.It was freezing cold.She shouted to the fox:''Hey you!'',and the fox jumped a little and quickly looked at her.''Come here!Come on don't be afraid.''
He seemed curious.Carefully,he started coming closer to her.It took him too much time untill he was only one meter away from her,and then he stoped.His eyes still locked at hers,his tail still moving slowly.
She decided to squat down to be even closer.After few minutes her hand was near his face,letting him savor her scent.
After he made sure,he came close enough for her to pet him.She felt his empty stomach vibrating.Her feet and hands were very cold and she almost couldn't feel them anymore.
She then stood up,went inside to the kitchen while the fox sat outside her door,waiting patiently on a white winter rug.She found some meat in the freezer and gave that to a hungry little boy.
When he sniffed the meat and then tried some of it to make sure it's okay,he took it and ran away into the darkness of naked trees.
She turned around and looked into her room.It was full of things,but to her it was almost empty.So she took her boots and a jacket and went out for a walk on the snow.She never liked winter very much,so she never spent time outside when it was this time of the year.But that day she found inspiration in where she never thought she will.
''Trying is always enough.''
-Patricia Briggs
''To learn something new, you need to try new things and not be afraid to be wrong.”
-Roy T. Bennett