what am i waiting for?
why am i waiting?

i should tell him.
tell him how i feel.
and pray he feels the same.

but what if he doesn't?
does that mean I'm not good enough for love?

i should just give up.
he's never going to want me.
im not good enough.

why am i not good enough for you?
is it my looks?
the way i dress?

I'm told to be myself.
but your ocean eyes draw me in.
if i want you ill have to change. to be good enough for you.

how many people will i lose if i change for you?
does that really matter if I'm with you?

questions i tend to ask myself about you.
your blue eyes are a dream. a paradise.
i want to drown in them.

If love is for everyone, then why can't i find it?
if i left forever would you miss me?
would you care?