I really love animal so here my favorite anime Pets and Animal.

1. Shiitake - Love live! Sunshine!!

anime girl, love live sunshine, and riko sakurauchi image
He's so adorable!

2. Leader - Honey and Clover

manga image
He's loyal , sweet and so cute !

3. The Hamsters from Umaru - Himouto Umaru-chan

anime, umaru, and kawaii image
They cute and funny!

4. Ruby - Jewelpet Series

ruby and jewelpet image
She is funny , cute and a weird but she is always really try her best to be a great mentor/partner for all the Jewelpet girls during the serie.

5. Luna - Jewelpet Series

fanart, luna, and jewelpet image
She is cute and smart. I love her glasses in the Magical change serie and her human form.

6. Kuma - Pripara

anime, bear, and hello kitty image
He's a mascot character in PriPara. He. is a great manager. I love the way he tends to add "-kuma" to the end of his sentences.

7. Usacha - Pripara

beautiful, cute, and anime girl image

At first she is just a cute student and manager-in-training at the Mascot Academy and the younger sister from Usagi. Later on she is the manager from NonSugar.

8. Punicorn - Idol Time Pripara

anime girl, beautiful, and cute image
She's to cute for words. She's Yui Yumekawa manager!

9. Alen Yurika's pet - Aikatsu!

aikatsu and aikatsu stars image
So cute little bat!

10. Kero (Keroberos) - Cardcaptor Sakura

anime, gif, and sakura cardcaptor image
He is so cute and kind. He is love food and is lazy like me.

11. Chi - Chi's sweet home.

cat, chi, and chis sweet home image
She so adorable and playful little kitten.

12. Wiz - D.N. Angel

Image by Gime♥★♣◆
Wiz's so cute and sweet.

13. Tippy - Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?

angora, anime, and bunny image
He's the Rabbit House's and Really close with Chino. He's Chino's Granpa how transforms into a Rabbit after the cafe gets financial difficulties.

14. Bijou - Hamtaro

Temporarily removed
She's my favorite Hamster of Hamtaro.

15. Sakamoto - Nichijou

anime, nano, and gif image
He is really funny cat!

16. Potato - Air

air, anime, and dog image
He is adorable

17. Naa-san - Kirarin ☆Revolution

kilari image
Naa-san is kirari cat that always support her! He is really smart!

18. Maru - Kimi ni Todoke

anime and kimi ni todoke image
Maru is a really cute Dog!

19. Clara - Princess Jellyfish

anime image
She is cute pink jellyfish

20. All the cats Run takes care - Little Busters!

cats, anime gif, and kawaii image
I love cats like Rin does.

21. Stitch - Stitch!

stitch image
We all know he is awesome right !

22. Johnathan - Glasslip

glasslip image
Johnathan is one of the school chicken of Touko's school she drawing in the first episode and she later try to save. He is pretty cool.