The first time I saw y'all, I admit that you didn't get me. But when I began to know you, you became more and more loved by me each day. When I'm down, I just need a picture of you and I'm better. I didn't know that you'll have such an important place in my heart and in my life...

Everything changed in my life. My comportment, my craziness, even my way to talk got a change. You don't know about my existence, and I know that even if I tag you on a post, you wouldn't notice but...I really love you. Is it love? I don't thing so. I'm just a fan, who fangirling 'bout her bias, that she'll never be able to see.

The most difficult through this period, is that you're in a kinda depression and nobody can help. You realise that you're alone because none of your friends are in this... They know your love for them but they don't know their importance in your life.

I love everything about you, that's why I cry anytime I'm alone or have time to think.... I'm so stupid, you don't know how much I love you and I need you in my daily life!!!! My heart mind is full of thoughts about y'all...all day...and this changed a lot of things in my life.

I'm happy, then sad, then angry and again happy. That's my daily feelings... I would just want to tell you

I love you ❤️