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Hey Diary,

So today is my first day in school. I really don't care because I'm just gonna get transferred to another school. As a foster kid it's just how it works.

I woke up at 6 am today. I brushed my teeth , took a shower, and put my clothes on.

My foster parents are the worst, they don't even care about me. I'm just waiting for my parole officer to move me to another house.

I made breakfast and headed out the door.

At school everyone looked at me weird. Of course every school has these group of mean girls.

It honestly to everything in me not to punch them in the face. I DON'T PLAY!!!!!!!!!!

So school was whatever but it's after school, that's when everything got strange and scary.

As I was walking home, I felt someone following me.
It was a guy, I couldn't see his face but he was wearing a black hoodie and it appeared that he was hiding something behind his back.

I started speeding up and he sped up as well...... at this very moment ............. ( To be continued )


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