They were in the coffee shop.
He looked at her and that little smile came. His eyes never left her face.
He was bewitched.

“I love your face. It’s that kind of face the greeks used in that Olympus gods statues. But just in the more dangerous ones, whose beauty was so ravishing that some ordinary mortal like me would be doomed forever with just a glance.” He said, looking straight in her eyes.

She laughed but was a little bit uncomfortable. She was not used to hearing this kind of thing.
“Are you call me Medusa?” she teased.

This time it was he who laughed, which brought that little wrinkles in his eyes.
“No, of course not! She was not nearly as beautiful as you are...”
He looked at her seriously.
“But, I don’t know... I feel I could stay here in front of you for ever. I’m petrified”