It's the name of a song I really like. It says that we are forever young no matter how old we are. Confusing, huh? I mean we all get older and we all know about it so we should use our teenager age and do crazy things, or?

I don't know if you can follow me but I have this picture, this feeling in my mind and body how my teenager life should be. It always depends on the songs I listen.
Do you know this feeling of freedom? Where you just happy and you smile the whole time as if you get a good mark in a test or when you fall in love with somebody? When your head is filled with nothing. No school problems, no stress or something else. You just have this feeling. The feeling of fading away with the world. Like a dream. Everything is good and beautiful and you are just happy. You just enjoy this moment. You wanna run and taste the life. You wanna dance and see how your body is moving. You wanna cry as loud as you can so the whole world can hear you. You wanna sit on the rooftop and watch the sunset and the stars which coming up to be as near as possible to the sky.

Yeah. This is exactly the feeling I mean. This is My idea of a teenager life. Just feeling free and be happy.
You know. Being young.

A part of Twinnies world

--> my "fading" songs:

• the chainsmokers - young
• michael brun - all i ever wanted
• hayden james - something about you (remix)
• dada life - one last night on earth
• zayn - dusk till dawn
• years&years - we are your friends
• chvrches - the mother we share