Hi, sunshines and other stuff and things on this planet! I am going to tell some stuff to do when you're bored. Often I get bored and what is the easiest thing to do when you're bored? Well read this article for some tips and don't forget to give this article a try! :)

1. Clean

WHAT, CLEAN?! Yes cleaning. I know you maybe hate it but actually it can be fun. You can change the look of your room, apartment, house or where you live. Give it a chance! ;)

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2. Listen to music

Do you like music? Listen to it! And don't forget to only listen to favorites, listen to something new! Or just play the guitar, the piano or other instruments! Actually your voice is an instrument, so use it!

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3. Draw

You maybe hate drawing, but draw it! Draw your feelings, people, animals the future and more! Just use the paper in front of you, or even your arm!

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4. Plan stuff
Plan your month, week, day, year or even hour! Maybe you wanna do something with your friend next week? Go on a road trip next month? Or even go on a festival!

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Bye! :3