Hi pritties, I haven't had a chance to properly introduce myself to you. So I guess this is a good way for you to find out something intersting about me.

1.Who am I?

My name is Ema, I'm almost 20 years old. I have blond, shoulder length, straight hair. My eyes are a mix of blue, green and grey. I have plump lips and a, kinda, big straight nose, with a pointed tip (I have no idea of how to explain it). People usually compare me to Elsa Hosk and say I reminde them of her. I have an hour glass figure and I'm 5'4''.

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2.Where do I live?

So I live in a little countr in Europe called Croatia, in the capital city of Zagreb. Some may know about croatia since GOT was filmed in Dubrovnik which is situated in Dalmacija, we are also known for our beautiful islands and sea, nacional parks and thelandscape, mountains and lakes. All in all, Croatia is a pretty special and beautiful country and I'm happy to live here.

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3.What is my style?

I like to dress as simple as it can get, sometimes I add some details and I like my hair always being clean, streight or loose curls, and my make up on point. During winter I like wearing skinny or flear jeans, which are usually black, a turtuleneck or a blouse, and boots with a heel. I don't like wearing jackets all the time and I'm more of a coat kind a girl. Almost always I'm wearing a watch, and I feel kinda wierd if I'm not wearing it.

4.What are my interests?

I love writting, ever since elementary school, I guess my teacher is responsible for my love twords books and writting, she was always encouraging me to write my thoughts down, for that I am forever greateful.
Another one of my interests is make up. I love make up and fashion and I always help my friends with their stylings.

5.Do I have pets?

I live in an apartmant in the centre of Zagreb and my parents don't think it's the greatest idea to own a pet in an apartmant, although we do have room it's their argumente against it and I can't do anything about it.
If I was to buy or adopt a pet it would apsolutly be a dog, buldog to be exact, i love dogs just like anybody and have always wanted one.

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6.What is my favorite food/drink?

I'm a burger and taco lover. If I could i would eat bacon hamburgers and shrimp tacos every day. Unfortunately I'm not that lucky to eat anything and look like a model so I can't eat them all the time, but when my cheat day comes i gain 10 pounds...
I don't have a favorite drink, I love coctails (tequila sunrise) and white wine.

7.What is my favorite music?

I listen to evrything, but my favorites are; Panic at the disco, The Weeknd, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeren, Bruno Mars and Jennifer Lopez.
My favorite song right now is Dua Lipa; New rules. I think it's a great song and if you sing it enough you surelly will stop answering your ex or a boy that messed you up (my case)

8.What is my favorite book and who is my favorite writter?

I have a lot of favorite writters such as Dan Brown, William Paul Young and, my current favorite, Jo Nesbo.
My favorite book, well books, is the series of books about Harry Hole. I fell in love with the mystery and criminalistic details that are put in the book, and in my opinion Jo Nesbo, the writter of the series, is a genius.

9.What is my favorit movie and who are my favorite actors?

I am a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston, not because of his beauty but because of his acting skills. I loved him in Crimson Peek and I love the movie. The movie is wierd, full of mystery and schocking.
I must say I am a big fan of Scooby Doo and I've watched every animated movie and every short film, series, movie and lego movie. I've loved the Mystery gang since I was a child and it represents my childhood.
The movie I really wanna watch is the Tulip Fever in which Dne DeHaan is one of the leading actors.

10.Who is my best friend?

Oh God where do I even start??? So my best friend and I met when I was 2 and she was 4. She was always acting like my older sister, watching out for me and talking about things that I couldn't talk about to anybody except her, giving me advice and sharing her food with me. I don't even think of her as my friend, I think of her as a part of my family, someone who is always welcome in my home and can always call me. I think of her as my sister.

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11.How do I spend my free time?

When I have free time I like to spend it eather writting, with my family and friends or just having a wellness day. I also like going hiking, riding my bike and going out to clubs sometimes. Sometimes I'm just lazy so I go to my best friends house and we watch tv, drink wine and lay in silence or play video games and twister.

12.What are my favorite things to do every day?

I love picking out what to wear for the day and making myself feel pretty. Usually after my classes my friends from uni and I go get a coffee and talk about everything from boys to school work. The fact that I'm surounded by such beautiful and smart people every day makes me excited, I love learning new things.

13. What is my favorite clothes store?

Zara and Ralph Lauren.

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15. What do I study?

I am a law student, I still don't really know what i wanna do, do I wanna be a lawyer, judge, the prosecuter or anything. Yet I know I want to be involved with company or criminal law.

16. Why did I decide to study law?

My grandfather was a very successful politician who finished The Facutecy of Law in Zagreb, and my way of paying tribute to him is doing the same and trying my best just like he did. He was a people's man and I intend to make myself a person who will help others just like he tried to do.

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17. Do I have a boyfriend?


18. Do I like anybody?

Yes, and it has been a rollercoster of feelings for the past year. We are kind of on/off. As soon as I try to get away from him it is like he feels it and comes back with the sweetest things to say and do.

19. What is my favorite make up?

So as I said I love make up, some of my favorite brands are; Two faced, Anastasya Beverly Hills, Sleek and The Balm.

20. Where do I see myself in 5 years?

To be honest I think I'm probably gonna be graduating then and perhaps have a boyfriend if not a boyfriend I would be really happy with having a dog...

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