Day 4 : List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could

1. Your best is enough:
I know that there is a lot to do in school, but you have to remember that school is not EVERYTHING! Your life contains of so much more, and you should try to appreciate every moment. If you get a 4 on a test, well that is okey. Do your best, cause that is good enough!

2. You're beautiful:
You already know this, but I feel like I should tell you anyways. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! No one looks like you, and that is why you can call yourself unique!

3. Be positive:
The world feels more meaningful if your attitude is positive and if you see the best in everything. It is hard, I know. It is something you have to practice, cause it may not always come natural.

4. Hug your friends:
Hugs releases the "love hormone" oxytocin, which make you less stressed. Don't be selfish with the love you hold, spread it to the people around you.

5. Be with people who are worth your time:
In 6th grade I used to hang out with people who did not want the best for me. So please try to find the people who truly cares for you. You are so worth the happiness you get from true friends.

6. Don't care so much about how your body looks:
Social medias, adds and magazines are all full of pictures of girls with skinny bodies and flat stomachs. Don't let these pictures make you feel ugly, fat or less beautiful.

7. Relax:
Between all the tests and stress, you have to remember to relax. Your body won't work if you always have to do things. Stop, breathe, and consider your situation. Don't burn yourself out too soon.

8. Don't be afraid to love:
It is a big risk to let yourself love another humanbeing, but omg how wonderful it feels when it just works out perfectly. Love between two humans is so raw, so soft. But still, so wild and breathtaking. Forget the bad "what if"'s and go for it!

9. Read books:
I wish I managed to make more time for reading. School takes a lot of time, and when I don't read about chemistry or biology, I don't have that much energy left for reading the things I want to. So, before going to bed, instead of checking your phone, read a book. <3

10. Make poems:
Write about things that matter, things that you find interesting or just a dumb little verse about something stupid. Be creative and make it your masterpiece. Be proud and just enjoy yourself.