a list of beautiful and talented people. ( actors will be a completely different list )

V - bts

bts, taehyung, and v image kim taehyung image
kim taehyung // vocalist; visual

jae - day6

day6 and jaehyung image day6 and jaehyung image
park jaehyung // guitarist; lead vocalist

jooheon - monsta x

jooheon, lee jooheon, and monsta x image kpop, minhyuk, and i.m image
lee jooheon // main rapper; vocalist

somi - I.O.I

ioi, kpop, and somi image kpop, somi, and icon image
jeon somi // maknae; lead dancer; lead vocalist

hani - exid

exid and hani image exid and hani image
ahn heeyeon // lead vocalist

chanyeol - exo

chanyeol, exo, and kpop image exo, L, and exo chanyeol image
park chanyeol // main rapper

vernon - seventeen

Seventeen, vernon, and kpop image Seventeen and vernon image
hansol vernon choi // main rapper

zico - block b

zico, block b, and kpop image zico and block b image
woo jiho // leader; main rapper; vocalist

rm - bts

beauty, namjoon, and icons image idol, namjoon, and kpop image
kim namjoon // leader; main rapper

jimin - mola ● 15&

jamie, jypnation, and 15& image 15&, jimin park, and jiminpark image
park jimin // main vocalist; main rapper

dara - 2ne1

2ne1, dara, and sandara park image 2ne1, moe, and park image
park sandara // vocalist; visual

jhope - bts

gif, hobi, and bangtan boys image bts, jhope, and hoseok image
jung hoseok // lead rapper; main dancer

kai - exo

exo, kai, and gif image exo, kai, and jongin image
kim jongin // visual; main dancer; vocalist

johnny - nct 127

johnny, nct, and ntc 127 image johnny, kpop, and nct image
seo youngho // lead rapper; lead dancer; vocalist

jackson - got7

jackson, got7, and JB image got7 image
jackson wang // lead rapper; lead dancer

amber - f(x)

f(x), amber, and kpop image f(x), amber, and kpop image
liu yiyun // main rapper; vocalist

uee - after school

Image by Kim Yoo Jin Image by jia
kim yoojin // main dancer; rapper; vocalist; visual

jin - bts

bts, jin, and kpop image Image by ˗ˏˋ𝑀𝒾𝓃 𝒮𝓊𝑔𝒶ˎˊ˗
kim seokjin // vocalist; visual

hyuna - 4minute

hyuna, kpop, and triple h image 4minute and hyuna image
kim hyuna // main dancer; main rapper; vocalist

minho - shinee

SHINee and minho image Image removed
choi minho // main rapper; vocalist; visual

heechul - super junior

suju, super junior, and ้heechul image suju, super junior, and ้heechul image
kim heechul // vocalist; rapper

jimin - bts

bts, jimin, and kpop image jimin, bts, and park jimin image
park jimin // main dancer; lead vocalist

wonho - monsta x

wonho, monsta x, and lee hoseok image wonho and monsta x image
shin hoseok // lead vocalist; lead dancer; visual

jungkook - bts

bts, icon, and jungkook image jungkook, bts, and kpop image
jeon jeongguk // maknae; main vocalist; lead dancer

e’dawn - pentagon

pentagon, edawn, and kpop image edawn, pentagon, and kpop image
kim hyojong // lead rapper; lead dancer; vocalist

le - exid

Image by ? le, pretty, and swag image
ahn hyojin // main rapper

cl - 2ne1

CL, icon, and edit image 2ne1, CL, and gizibe image
lee chaerin // leader; main rapper; lead dancer

suga - bts

bts, min yoongi, and suga image bts, suga, and yoongi image
min yoongi // lead rapper

jun- seventeen

Seventeen, jun, and dino image Seventeen, jun, and the8 image
wen junhui // lead dancer; sub vocalist

jimin - aoa

Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl icon, kpop icon, and aoa jimin image
shin jimin // leader; main rapper; vocalist;

xiumin - exo

exo, xiumin, and aesthetic image exo, kpop, and thewar image
kim minseok // lead vocalist; lead dancer

taeyong - nct u

Image by josefina handsome, taeyong, and nct image
lee taeyong // leader; main rapper; main dancer; visual

hyungwon - monsta x

lq, hyungwon, and monsta x image smile, hyungwon, and chae hyungwon image
chae hyungwon // lead dancer; vocalist; visual