I finally made it...day 15. Took me long enough.

Today is supposed to be a autumn/winter/spring/summer bucket list but I don't do a lot of seasonal activities. I do it when I do it. So...I'm just going to do a regular life bucket list.

1) Travel

Greece, santorini, and travel image
rome, italy, and travel image africa image
I haven't travelled much but I really want to Europe and Africa. I've wanted to visit Greece since I was little. I love the food, the culture, and the scenery. I've also been really interested in Greek history and mythology. (I have a post on all the countries I want to travel to: )

2) Adreniline Rush

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I couldn't thin of a name for all of these but I want to do a bunch of stuff like skydiving, bungee-jumping, and zip-lining.

3) Learn To Surf

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I live by the mountains, not the sea. I have no idea how or when i would learn to surf but I've always thought it was really cool.

4) Dog-sledding

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dog, husky, and animal image dog, snow, and animal image

I've always thought dog-sledding would be really fun to do. I watched Eight Below when i was younger and it made me first want to go dog-sledding. Besides traumatizing me, of course.

5) Swim With Sharks

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girl, summer, and shark image beach, holidays, and paradise image

I love sharks. All sharks are great but I'm partial to Hammerheads. Obviously I would swim with Nurse sharks because I'm not getting a cage and endangering the sharks and myself.

6) Climb A Volcano

Image by Vivianne
fire and lava image lava, wallpaper, and fond image

Volcanoes have always interested me. I obviously would go to an inactive volcano or at least a volcano with super low probability of erupting. Death my volcano sounds painful all around not a fun time. Going to Pompeii would be pretty cool too. Seeing a society completely frozen in time would be amazing.

8) Camp In Yellowstone

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around the world, montana, and mt image america, national park, and yellowstone image

Yellowstone's gorgeous and I live in Alberta which is right above Montana so It's pretty close. i love camping plus it has a supervolcano which is pretty cool.

9) Attend A Tattoo Festival

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couple, goals, and tattoo image alternative, festival, and tattoo image

Basically all things tattoos. There are compositions and exhibits. They sell tattoo relate products and some tattoo artists rent chairs. I think it would be really cool to see all the different styles and maybe even get a tattoo.

10) Learn How To Read Tarot Cards

tarot, tarot cards, and wild unknown image
tarot, tarot deck, and tarot cards image animals, black and white, and bones image

I still need to get a Rider-Waite deck which is basically a beginner deck (bottom left) but I really want to learn how to learn tarot cards and eventually get The Wild Unknown deck (top) and maybe the ) Animalis Os Fortuna deck (bottom right).

11) Give Blood

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I'm getting my first tattoo when I'm eighteen so I have to donate blood before then. My school has an annual blood drive but I couldn't make it this year.

12) Visit A Ghost Town

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abandoned, street, and old image nature, tree, and taiwan image

I drove past a ghost town when i was younger so I've always wanted to explore a ghost town.

13) Visit A Haunted Castle

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Image by Daydreamer castle and medieval image

I love spooky sh*t and historical architecture so it's kind of the best of both worlds.

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