Its not death I'm afraid of, its reaching the end and thinking "Is that all, is it really over." When I die I don't want to have any regrets, I don't want to have regrets over the things I didn't do. Everyday I go to school, see my friends in between classes, and do my work. I count the days until the weekend, and on the weekend I lay on my bed and don't move, is that really what I'm dong with my life!? I want to grow up go to college and try to pursue my dream as and actress, because that's what I LOVE to do, but I quit. I decided that, it was never going to happen before I even tried, I don't want to reach the end of my life and regret not even trying. I know trying to become an actress will be a rocky road, but what road doesn't have bumps, doesn't everyone eventually hit an obstacle. You just have to choose, do you want your bumpy road to be on the way to your dreams, or do you want your bumps to be regret on the way to the end never truly living.
When I turn 18 I'm skydiving, I'm going to look over a cliff and hang my legs on the edge, I'm going build my house right above a city, I'm going to run in the woods not caring if i slip, I'm going to see everything beautiful and make a difference, I'm going to live on the edge, because there is a difference between living and surviving, and I want to live!