Have you ever realized how easy it is to think the worst possible things that could happen?
It's so much more tempting to hold a grudge rather than forgiving and forgetting it.
So tempting to allow other people's perspectives cloud your own.
More tempting to reach for doubt rather than to trust.
Por Que?
How come we easily welcome the bad, but reluctant to accept the small good that's present.

Why are we afraid of change? Confrontation? To try something daring that scares you?
Why do we constantly fear what people will think of you if you fully be yourself? Will this cycle ever break? Or will fear continue to dominate its course?
Why do people fear? What does it mean? The definition in the Webster dictionary states it is "an unpleasant emotion caused by believing something is danger". The mind is the most vigorous thing living, but can also be the most fatal. Insecurities, doubt, mistrust, are things people experience daily so, does that mean we fear ourselves?