I wish I was free as the birds flying in the sky, as people's hope so high.
As the wind that I feel in my face, as the swing waves in the beach, as the happy endings that I never believed.

I just want to be going to places I've never been before, tasting the sweet perfume of another boys, I want to give my middle finger to all those stupid girls and tell them how I get to the top, a place they've never been before.

I want you driving down the road with your eyes on mine, smiling because it's playing our favorite songs, I wanna feel you touching my skin, I wanna feel your lips, just you and me.

I felt freedom for the first time when you were close to me, when we hang out at night in the streets. When the sun came down, you held me tight saying you wouldn't let me go, and I stayed because I didn't want to believe that goodbyes were actually a thing.

I felt freedom for the second time when I realized how lucky I was to show to my parents that I didn't need anyone to give me what I wanted.

I felt freedom for the third time, when I could speak for all the people who doesn't have a voice to be heard, and show that they can be called losers but win it's a decision.

I felt freedom for the fourth time when I knew that I could just go to a plane and decide the place I'd go, not just in my head anymore, the citylights were real like they never were before

I felt freedom for the fifth time when love was filling my whole heart, because my dreams weren't dreams anymore,
They're something that I can see in front of me and it happened because I believed and I never stoped even when I was a completely loser losted in a school where almost all the girls thought they were better than me, losted in my childhood when everybody's were so mean, but they weren't expecting this, tables turned in a snap of fingers and now they all can see, they all can see the truth, that my love for doing my thing was bigger than how much they hated me.
I'm free, I had no fears, thank God I had enemies they made me stronger to win everything.