The end of the year is fast approaching and that means saying goodbye to 2017 and leaving the lows and highs of the year in the past. For most of us, the start of the new year brings humble beginnings and new opportunities that will come along. Here are some goals I hope to achieve through out 2018 💫

attractive, beauty, and blush image girl, beach, and sunset image Mature image light, heart, and christmas image
Self Love - Learn to love oneself
food, fruit, and healthy image fruit, water, and drink image food, healthy, and Chicken image banana, fruit, and yellow image
Eat more healthier
book, pink, and study image autumn, england, and guildford image afraid, school, and success image architecture and place image
Have a successful start to Uni
sky, clouds, and travel image summer, nature, and palms image summer, beach, and ocean image girl, nature, and travel image
Travel to new places
friends, brandy melville, and friendship image faded, green, and theme image dog, girl, and animal image couple, dog, and love image
Sustain relationships
happy, black, and fashion image girl, hair, and white image blumen, lifestyle, and allpink image quotes, neon, and happy image
Keep happy - be the person others can look up to

I wish everyone has a great end to 2017 and an even more greater start to 2018 💫