so I thought I'd start my first article with a few facts about myself. I'm not the strongest writer but I tried to make it interesting and I hope you guys like it!

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1.) My name is Sydney. I was gonna be named Julia but my brother changed his mind at the last minute when my parents asked what they should name me.

2.) I'm 18 years old which is kind of nice and kind of stressful.

3.) I'm (fully) black.

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4.) I'm 5'2, almost 5'3 but I think I'm done growing so rip.

5.) I have my belly button pierced, but only one piercing in my ears.

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6.) I'm a finance major and I've been good at math since about sophomore year of high school when I started to get my shit together. I really wanna get my MBA and be one of those bad ass wall street bankers

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7.) I've never worn jeans, ever. I know it's weird I've just always hated wearing them with a passion. When I was little I just wore skirts and tights or sweats, and now leggings.

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8.) I have a fetish for back bones/muscles.

9.) I was really good at soccer as a kid, but I hated playing. My team was horrible and I was the only decent player so all the pressure was kind of put on me which I did not enjoy.

10.) I've never dyed my hair. It's always been plain black.

11.) Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs is my fave

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12.) I'm v forgetful

13.) I was really curvy and thick in middle school, kind of overweight. Now now I'm in college and super thin which is weird because usually it's the opposite. Here's a couple pics of my dad bod.

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14.) I love celebrating other people's birthdays but hate my own.

15.) I'm a gemini (June 18th).

16.) I'm torn between wanting to live in a big city like New York or LA, or wanting to live in a cute little european town by the water.

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17.) I can't stand people who are lazy all the time *cough cough my roommate who never leaves the room or cleans her side she's nice tho

18.) I'm left handed.

19.) I like reading short stories.

20.) I've hooked up with a lot of guys and had flings and stuff but never a steady boyfriend. Again, I'm 18, sad face. I don't think I'll be having one any time soon because of me wanting to move far away after college but I got time

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Thanks for reading and I really hope you liked this! Making this was really fun so I'll definitely be writing more articles :)