I'm heartbroken at the moment. It's funny how a simple, yet intricate picture makes me feel this way... so sad and hurt. I see the way she makes you feel. It's totally evident that you're completely in love with her, and it's so hard for me to say this, but I have to be done. I have to stop trying. I've been holding onto you for so long, but I can't continue this.

I know some of you are feeling this way or have felt this way once. I hope that with this article, you can get through that heartbreak and sadness.


These are some songs I would listen to that don't make me as sad or songs that I could definitely relate to.

  • all for love: madison beer
  • dead: madison beer
  • does she know: astrid s
  • new rules: dua lipa
  • do re mi: blackbear
  • too good at goodbyes: sam smith
  • strangers: halsey ft. lauren jauregui
  • song like you: bea miller
  • burning bridges: bea miller
  • like that: bea miller
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reading the meaning behind the lyrics on sites like genius really gave me a new perspective on some of the songs also

Channel That Energy!

Getting your mind off of what happened really helped me also. Channel all that negative energy into something more positive. I took Zumba and self-defense classes. I also started to do more cardio such as running. I also started drawing and painting. Do anything that gets your mind off things and do what you love at the same time.

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Take A Break

Take a break from social media. Unfollow him/her, delete all your messages, pictures, videos, any and everything that reminded you of them. I know it hurts (I cried when I deleted our messages) but you have to disassociate yourself with both the good and bad thoughts of that person. How are you going to move on if you're being reminded of that person everyday? Slowly, but surely your mind won't think about them quite as often. Sometimes it may wander though, but it's okay.

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Crying is not only a human response to sorrow and frustration, it's a healthy one. Crying is a natural way to reduce emotional stress that, if left unchecked, has negative physical affects on the body, including increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and other stress-related disorders.

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Get Out

You may not want to at first, but after some time has passed, go outside. You don't have to party, you can go to the mall, spend some time with friends, or even go to the park. Be more sociable instead of staying inside your house moping all day. Don't feel sorry for yourself, do something about that sadness.

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That's all for now. I really, truly do hope that this article has helped you.
Until next time... xoxo