hey!! i'm back again!
like i say yesterday, i'm going to speak in spanish. i'll do this, once a week i'll speak in spanish.

2- Your first love

the name of my first love is Henry, is a stupid one guy haha, i don't know how i liked he...
he's 14 like me, he is in my high school, in the other class (i'm in A and he is in B)
my best friend (in this moment) after he was my boyfriend, she ask heto be her boyfriend too, and he acept huh.
i hated my bestfriend in this moment 'cause she never told me that she liked him, we were about 10 years , or like this, we were young and silly hahaha.

bueno, eso es todo por ahora, nos vemos mañana a la noche <33

luv u <33

-grace Anderson

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