When I finished high school 5 months ago I was expecting my life to change dramatically. That happened in a way but not in the way I was hopping.
To begin with, my dream was to study Chemistry in my country's Uni and I succeed it. I was very happy not only because I was going to study what I wanted for years but also because I would meet new people and get to experience a new ''life''..!!
From the first day I met 2 girls who I can,now,address as very good friends of mine and I am beyond happy about that!
Uni,on the other hand, it's not that much fun. I was very desperate for a break, to relax from all the study I did from my last year of high school and when i finally was able to say that I could breath a bit, the first semester started.
At first I was very relaxed (which I regret) , I wasn't studying and I didn't care in general. Then the exams came and I was lost. I started to study but the I didn't have enough time. As you may guess the results weren't that good.All my life I was an excellent student and suddenly I was a bad student which is not a very easy thing to accept.
My point is that wherever you are at high school or uni, you need to be organised. That was what I learnt from my mistake and I hope that someone, at least one person who will read my experience, will take it seriously and he/she will stop wasting time and set their goals higher and I am sure that if they believe to themselves they will succeed!!
All the love, Alex