Sometimes I guess my brain is like the earth ins this universe. Two sides:
The good one.
There are places in the world with happiness, bliss and confidence like our thoughts with good memories. You would like to go through these memories full of kindness over and over again. One of my favorite memories are those i experienced with my friends. The loughts and funny moments won't go out through my head. What's your favorite memory? Which one you want never leave?

AND which one you want forget but you can't?Yeah bad memories, experiences. Let me be openminded with you. I was a difficult child and teenager because I was enraged and fought in my own fierce battle. I had obsessional neurosis. It is a psychological disease where people do things over and over again. I had gone through bad times.
I never forget the day where I stood infront of the housedoor, keys in my hands, I wanted to move in, but before I had counted to to the number 10. I was scared and thought: When you don't do this, something bad will happen!" That's what i thought. And while counting my mother saw and opened the door for me. And in this moment I was really angry and scared either. In these moent full of anger and fear I slamed the door in front of my mother and counted again...I failed and licked my wounds.
Maybe in in the future too . Everyone would do because we all have our own package to wear. YOU TOO! AND DAM! IT'S OK. YOU AREN'T ALONE. I know it is sometimes difficult to say but that is the true. Nobody's peferct! We are humans. If you're down, it's ok. But don't forget to rise your head and get up! Remember to things you like, to things you want to fight for. Everey mistake, step you do, every scar you have makes you sronger, let you grow up! And you decide what you think,do and say!