I kept waiting for you.
Wishing that around the next corner,
there you would be.
Waiting for me without even knowing.

Or maybe you'd sit in the library,
studying with your friends,
or all alone by yourself,
waiting for me.

But you were never there.
And I kept waiting. I kept wishing.
Wishing that one day you'll be there.
That one day I wouldn’t be alone anymore.

But while I was focused on you, I didn't see anyone else.
Chances and possibilities for happiness passed by,
I didn't even notice them.
Because I was so focused on you.

So, I stayed alone,
hoping to find someone who doesn't even exist,
waiting for you, my perfect imaginary prince.
But you never came.

You destroyed me.
You took my life.
Because while I was waiting for you,
everyone else lived their lives.