Hi guys, this is way overdue. So to do a quick catch up, I've had a few tests which went relatively well minus my Chemistry. I'm not looking forward to getting my grades back, but I can't hide from it forever.

I still haven't sent in my UCAS application but when I send it in I will update you all on my offers (if I get any lol). I'm still trying to rewrite my personal statement, but I am constantly procratinating it, but I plan to get started on it soon.

Completed my Math homework and after posting this, I'm going to practice past paper questions. Speaking of Math, if you need tips of how to improve check out this article I wrote on it.

notes and school image book and maths image
Question of the day: What is your dream job?

I can't wait to see what you all have to say, maybe we can even chat about it. Till my next update

As always my inbox is always open if you ever need to chat, want advice or just feel like saying something.
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