Hi, guys. So, if you already read my previous articles you know that I am Brazilian, more specifically from Rio de Janeiro. Why am I writing here in English? Well, to practice. But, anyway, this isn't the ideia here with this article.
I wanna to share with you good places to visit here in Rio de Janeiro, places that you will love and find culture and a lot of fun.

Christ the Redeemer.

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For sure I will start with the Christ the Redeemer, not because is the best place for you to visit, but because It is the more known and you will have an amazing view of the entire city ( and a lot of beautiful photos for instagram).


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Yes, you definitely need to get a ride on the cable car, called bondinho here, and enjoy the amazing view. The sunset is the best hour to enjoy the moment.

Rio de Janeiro is known by your beaches, so I decided to share with you my favorites.
First, Ipanema beach. Definitely, my favorite EVER!

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It's beautiful and you will find a lot of activity happening all over the beach and you get close to Copacabana and Leblon beach too.
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A more "calm" one is the Praia da Macumba. It is a beautiful place to visit and to explore.


brasil, Lapa, and places image Image by Danica
Lapa is my favorite place here in Rio, if you came to Rio, you definitely have to see the Arcos da Lapa. Lapa is a best place for bohemians, you can find all kind of art and culture. If you are a night person, this is your place. You will find entertainment in every street.

If you enjoy it, let me know. If you guys like it, tell me, please, and maybe I will do an article about Brazilian foods.