conan gray

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Conan is a big inspiration of mine. Not only does he make his own music, but his videos are so aesthetically pleasing. He's such a lovable person so please check his channel out! ♡

emma chamberlain

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Emma is so so genuine and I just love her. All of her videos are relatable, light-hearted and hilarious. Her videos never fail to make me smile ♡

issa twaimz

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Issa is so funny and as soon as I found him around a year ago, I couldn't stop watching his videos. I'm so glad he's back and he never ever fails to make me laugh ♡

jessie paege

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Jessie is literally the rainbow that we see after a rainy day. She's so bubbly and she has an adorable taste in fashion! She is also an inspiration of mine ♡


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Connie is just a ray of sunshine. She has such a lovely personality and such a cute sense of style. I love her so so much, I mean how could you not? ♡

shane dawson

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Shane is hilarious and I love it when he uploads a new video. He's someone who seems very open and genuine, he also loves his viewers almost like family ♡

more youtubers I watch:

- alisha marie vlogs

- fancy vlogs by gabi

- larray

- ricky dillon

- cat creature

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these are people I've only recently discovered, regardless, all of their content is amazing and I recommend you check them out ♡