Hey! To be honest, I thought my writing challenge day one was about the dreams that we see while sleeping but it was about goals so I decided to write another article to share my interesting dream experiences.

I have a crush, I saw him all night for 9 days! My friend says that it was about my subconscious, and yes I was thinking about him so much and I'm still thinking about him too much.

boy, aaron johnson, and Hot image

Two weeks ago I saw him on my dream again, we were meeting in Starbucks then we started kissing. That was the dream, short and simple, but I saw this dream all night. When I woke up I recognized that it was just a dream. I was a bit sad because I really missed him. I looked my phone after I wake up. Then I saw his message! He wrote something that makes me happy! ( That wasn't a dating offer, we are still in friendzone.) It tought we made a telepathy. Imagine, you see the boy that you like in your dream, then you see his message. It becomes more interesting if he wrote this message to you at 3 a.m ! My friend said that probably he was thinking about me. But I don't think like that because he is a hardworker I think he was studying.

Thanks for reading me! See you in next article!