Hey, I think I should introduce myself If I will write articles, here we go.

1- I am Nilsu.
2- I am 15.
3- I live in Turkey.

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4- I am dancing for 1,5 years.

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5- I am learning English, Japanese, German.
6- I want to study medicine.
7- I am an anime addicted.
8- I like drawing.
9- I love taking photos.
10- Sleeping is everything to me.
11- Stromae is my idol and my favourite singer.
12- I have a bird, he talks too much and he is cute.
13- I have been to England, Greece, Italy.
14- I want to go to Japan someday.
15- Leaving my headphones in my house makes my day bad.

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15- I used to play volleyball.
16- I'm scared of dark.
17- I like wearing boots.

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18- I have a collarbone fetish, yes it's weird.

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19- I don't wear makeup so much, just an eyeliner.
20- I'm pisces so I'm emotional.

I think they are enough. Thanks for reading!