As I said,here is the first official post in the blog. I hope you'll like it.

So, let's start. Time organization, I'm not going to lie, it's a difficult thing even for me if we're talking about calendars and planners because I always forget I have one or I leave it like two days after saying to myself I'm going to do it. But, I can say I believe calendars and planners (weekly planners) are really usefull, specially when you have a hard week coming, like the proyect week or final tests week aproching. Here in We heart it you can find lots of planner shapes and diy calendar ideas, so my tip today is: look for one, or make it yourself, and PRINT MANY so you always will have one and you wont forget to write on it your activities cause you forgot to print the planner, and, ikd, use an alarm or a reminder in your phone so every sunday or monday you remember to sit down and plan your week.

Now that I'm close to start college, beliveme, I'm going to start planning all my weeks, because my senior high school year was so stressful just for don't organazing my time.

Remember that you can desing your own or print some WHI shapes, use colors to make a difference between your classes and the priority to do your homework. And, a VERY IMPORTANT THING, if you have homework, star with it tha same day you got it, it would save you to go sleep late the days before.

- Lol, Andie.