Hey guys.
Today I'm going to name you 10 girly movies you need to watch. This is not sorted from best to the worst or something like that it's just of the movies I like.
So let's start.

1. Beauty and the beast.

I thought Emma Watson is forever going to be Hermione Granger but in a few years everyone is going to remember her as Belle. It's a Disney classic and everyone knows the end but acting, singing and storyline are great.

2. Naomi and Ely's no kiss list.

In a lead role: Victoria Justice. How can a movie be bad? Haha. It's about 2 best friends who grow up together and have a list of boys they can never kiss or be with becouse that could ruin their friendship.

3. Another woman.

Men are stupid. When they are cheating on us. But how stupid can they be when they have a beautiful wife and 2 misstress? I mean you need to havr curiage for that. Well these 3 women gathered their forces to ruin the man's life. It's a perfect romantic and comedy film you have to watch.

4. Letters to Juliet.

You can find your first and true love again even 50 years after you broke up. Just write a letter to Juliet in Verona and Juliet's secretaries will help you.

5. Mean girls.

There can not be a list of girly movies if Mean girls is not on it. It's definition of girly movie. I think I don't have to explain it. Regina George is my spiritual animal .

6. Coyote ugly.

It's a movie about girl leaving her father in a small town where she was born and going to live her dream as a singer in a big town. She gets a job in a bar as a "coyote" (waitress). She falls in love and sings in a club so her dream came true.

7. LOL.

Miley Cyrus in a lead role. What can be better? Jk there are a lot of things that can be better. But movie is awesome. It's about teenage girl living her life and just trying to live, love and lough out loud. She has a pretty good relationship with her family but then she falls in love. Highschool is not as it used to be. But one thing stayed the same: the best relationships are made in a highschool hallway.

8. Walking down the halls.

Okay, this isn't tipical girly movie. Casey finds out that her relationship is over when her boyfriend breaks up with her. Some girls asked her out and just like that she became a prostitute. You just have to watch it.

9. Nerve.

What happens when you can't control your life becouse Internet has control over it. You have to do what watchers say or you die. Staring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

10. Love and other drugs.

When a fuckboy falls in love with a girl who has a Parkinson's you know it's something special. It's a beginning of sex pills. Viagra just came out and our lead role is a fuckboy....Well... that sounds interesting doesn't it?

Thank you so much for reading my article. As always I'm sorry for my broken english it's my second language.

I hope you enjoyed :)