hey guys! Today, I will be telling you guys places to shop where the clothes and accessories are for a lower cost,
(In honor of Black Friday) so enjoy!


Zaful.com : One of my top favorite online stores. I order lots of stuff from here. Most fashionistas I watch on YouTube use this website, and it is legit. It won’t scam you. You can basically find replicas off designer pieces or pieces of clothing a celebrity wore. The bathing suits are super hot and cute as well! The shipping takes forever but it is totally worth it!

Some Examples :

art, Couture, and lifestyle image
cute and alexis ren image
https://www.zaful.com/off-the-shoulder-rib-knit-crop-top-p_259003.html [i have this top and the material is great!]

Romwe.com : This website is similar to Zaful. I’ve never bought any clothes from here but I’ve heard great things about it, so i’ll definitely check it out. This website has cute clothes at lower prices as well.

style, outfit, and madison beer image

Forever 21 : Now, I know everyone shops here because F21 has amazing clothes at good prices. I spend most of my money here, hehe.

H&M : I shop here a lot as well, hehe. They also have many clothing dupes of what celebs wore. Like the velvet spaghetti strapped dress, etc.

madison beer, iphone, and tumblr image
http://tablet.hm.com/us/product/58574?article=58574-E&cm_vc=PRA1 (Not the exactly materials or color, but similar style)
dress, fashion, and velvet image


so that is all the stores I could think of! If you have more suggestions please send me a postcard!

have a great thanksgiving, loves.

xoxo, b.