Hey Girls! ❤️ Have you ever flipped through a Fashion Magazine and wished you could write and edit your own Article in it? Me, yes! With this Article, my wish becomes true, so to speak.

I'm no expert and I do not follow every trend which is currently up to date, but I love Fashion and Fall / Winter offers so many Style possibilities.

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Long talk short sense, this is just my Style Inspiration for the upcoming months. I hope you will like it! 💋


Personally, I prefer dark colors, because they just fit me better.

My all time favourite color for my styling is black.

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To my mind, with this color you can never do something wrong, because it is elegant and easy. Therefore, it goes whenever / wherever you want, it works tone in tone and is also compatible with any other color.

...preferably I like to combine black with my favourite color ever, burgundy and bordeaux red. I just love it!

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Actually, I do not make it dependent on the season when to wear this color, but I think it perfectly fits to Fall and Winter.
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warm earth tones


A jacket or a least a cardigan / blazer is always an important element for me, to complete my outfit. Because I guess, 'it holds it all together' - I never go out without it.

Fortunately there are many different variants, which not only look great, but also keep you warm.

some ideas...

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Blazer, simply chic in black or patterns.
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Classics that never go out of style! Trench coats and leather jackets (I definitely need to get me one for next year).
fashion and outfit image Image by stuckinthevictorianera
Parka Jackets
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Long Wool Coats in different colors
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Last year I wanted to try something new, so I got a Shearling Moto jacket by Asos . (You can find them at Asos this season too, but these ones are no real shearling - neither was mine. Yet, it keeps you warm and it looks stylish!)


It is getting cold outside. Finally Sweater (& Cardigan) Weather!
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What to wear under a Cardigan?


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Classy & Chic

Graphic Tees

When I was younger, I wore a lot of T-Shirts with Graphics. Now I mainly try to avoid, or keep them as small and simple as possible, but I love Words & Quotes! (see my Quote Collections below, in my Article Collection ⬇ ).
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Make a Statement, without having to speak!


...never goes out of style!

No matter the shape or color, jeans are simply the best basis for every outfit!

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Leather Pants
I'm definitely not made to wear leather pants, but I feel inspired by how Anine Bing styles them so effortless, sporty and easy with sweaters and converse shoes.

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An idea for trying a different kinda day outfit.


I can not have enough! I think, shoes are like an accessory that gives the finishing touch!
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Unicolor or with details, ankle boots are easy to style and yet so fashionable. My absolute favourites! 😍
I'm really not that tall - but when I'm wearing a cute ankle bootie, preferably with a small heel - I feel strong & confident. (I guess, this is an important factor, to choose your clothes by)

some other possibilities...

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What would I do without these Ugg Boots in Winter? My absolute favourites for cozy warm feet.
adidas, fashion, and shoes image Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢 puma, black, and shoes image converse, shoes, and black image
I guess, Sneakers are always a good idea for a casual look!


When I go shopping, I always look for stylish Accessories first, because to me it is the best thing about an outfit - beside shoes.

Show your personal individuality and give the look a finish!

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I love Scarfs! To me, it is a good item to add some colors and decent patterns to a simple outfit - in order to make it look special.
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On top! I never owned a hat, but I'd really like to have one - they look so cute and chic.
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The perfect key piece! I'm totally obsessed with chic and classy bags, just as much as with shoes. I can not have enough!

Add some smaller details with some fine ᴊ ᴇ ᴡ ᴇ ʀ ʏ .

My latest obsession are small golden earrings.
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A few months ago, I got my first helix piercing ... now I would love to get some more! 😍 (not my picture)

Actually, I think less is more, but I guess in this case, a few more earrings can not hurt. At least I hope so! 🙈 - since the first one was pain free.

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Certainly the Key here is the right arrangement / combination of some small stud and hoop earrings, so it does not look too much.

I really like this concept for rings too - the more, the better! (a matter of arrangement & combination)

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Some small fine rings + one statement piece

Nail Polish

I'm crazy about it! 😍

For me it's like an accessory that makes the outfit 'round'. When I'm not wearing nail polish, it usually feels like something is missing and my outfit is not complete.

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When I was younger, I tried out every color. Then about three years ago I decided that these are my favourites.

My personal favourites, which I use are:

  • shearling darling by essie
  • DARK DANCE by MANHATTAN Last & Shine

+ If you like your nails shiny like me, I recommend to you MANHATTAN Super Gel Top Coat - it dryes quic without UV - Light

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It was fun writing this Article - although it was probably a bit long, you hopefully liked just as much reading it. 😌

Thanks so much, if you took your time ♥

x.o. Jessie

P.S: Sorry, for my English