Confession: I've cheated. I switched today and tomorrow's assignments, but only because I didn't have any time in my schedule today for writing a short story.

As always, this list is not prioritized :)

Animated Movies

  • Hercules

Always a favorite movie of mine; I love how sweet and awkward Hercules is, I love my sassy babe Megara, I love Greek mythology, and I love the Muses, and the sweet tunes they give us :)

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In which Hades is all of us
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  • How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2

I fell a little in love with Hiccup, not gonna lie. Fell A LOT in love with Toothless, and you are lying if you say you didn't!

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  • Big Hero Six

Such a beautiful story about dealing with grief and depression. And Baymax is the cutest thing.

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  • Anastasia

Anya is a sarcastic piece of fluff, and Dimitri is a dream. Their love was just perfect.

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  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

I love everything about this movie. The music is sublime, I always have all the songs on my mind for weeks after, it's divine.

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  • Shrek

A shy, insecure guy and his annoying, yet sweet companion goes on quest, finds badass princess and dragon, gets married.

Seriously Shrek is just so fucking funny and waaay too adult for children really, and I love the way they fuck with all the well-known fairytale characters.

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  • The Road to El-Dorado

Miguel and Julio are ride or die con-men, and I live for it.

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They taught me great things.
  • Rise of The Guardians

I love the interpretation of all the well-known children's characters; the badass easter bunny, the rough around the edges santa claus, the mute sandman- all of it. And I like that it's about finding your place in the world and sharing the good pieces of yourself with others. So well done.

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Gotta say guys, it was hard to find something from this movie that wasn't fanart of Jack and Elsa, Rapunzel or Hiccup :'D
  • Zootopia

Judy and Nick are my OTP, you guys. Zootopia is such an amazing movie about overcoming obstacles, racism, prejudice, and stereotypes. It's quality content.

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  • Iron Man

My heart belongs to Tony Stark. I'm a HUGE Marvel fan, and I love all of the Avengers (and their movies), but Tones is my fave.
I love how much snark and banter there is, and I love all of the relationships that are explored.

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  • Wonder Woman


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  • All of the Lord of The Rings Movies

I have always been a fantasy girl, and LOTR is just a masterpiece.

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  • All of The Hobbit Movies

Same as LOTR with the addition of being attracted to dwarves, and the wonder that is Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins.

Image by Natalya3_16 Image by Natalya3_16 Image by Natalya3_16 bilbo baggins, the hobbit, and bilbo image
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

I always watch this with my mum, it never gets old. It's just the tale of Robin Hood, but it's told so damn well.

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  • All the Pirates of The Caribbean Movies

I love pirate stories, so this universe is just perfect. Captain Jack Sparrow is an amazing character, and the love story of Will and Elizabeth is one for the ages.

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pirates of the caribbean image


  • Beauty and The Beast (2017)

It really is tale as old as time; I was so impressed with the adaption they made, it was simply gorgeous. Emma was an incredible Belle, and Dan Stevens was fantastic as Beast. Gaston was on point, and I'm so here for bi!LeFou.

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  • The Harry Potter Movies (but especially the first two)

Because I love the books so much, I can't help but get a little mad at the movies from time to time (DId YA PuT yA NaME In da GObLeT oF fiRE?!!), but they are still magical, and amazing. The first two movies are my favorite though, as they stick very close to the books. They are also the introduction to the world, and they do a gorgeous job.

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  • The Addams Family

This movie celebrates everything different, and the point is that it is just as good as being normal. Love and support is all anybody needs to be happy.

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Serious Movies

  • Pride and Prejudice
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I love the movie for the same reason as I love the book, so you can go check out that post if you're curious :)
  • Freedom Writers

If put on the spot, I'd probably say that this is my favorite movie. It's such an amazing story, based on true events, of how a teacher can change lives forever. The movie is full of great lines, that really makes you think about society and your place in it.

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Romantic/Comedy Movies

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

Loads of scheming, sass, falling in love and growing up. The two cactuses falling in love is always a winner.
Also, Cat is the best thing ever. Obviously.

10 things i hate about you, quotes, and movie image 10 things i hate about you, 90s, and quotes image quotes, movie, and heath ledger image love, movie, and 10 things i hate about you image 10 things i hate about you, quotes, and movie image asshole, quotes, and movie image 10 things i hate about you, kiss, and movie image quotes, movie, and 10 things i hate about you image
Seriously, these writers are gold
  • In Your Eyes

The concept of this movie is so intriguing; two people are connected mentally somehow, enabling them to see through the other person's eyes and feel what they feel. They are so different, and the way they come to love one another is super sweet.

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  • Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is an inspiration to us all, and a fucking icon

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And it's great, because she's sooo frilly, and she cares a lot about hair and clothes and make-up, and she was in a sorority, and everyone thought that these things made her stupid, but she's actually incredibly intelligent. But they never change these traits about her. She's still frilly and pink and girly, the entire point is that girls who are like that aren't stupid; liking make-up and clothes and whatnot doesn't mean you are unintelligent. So here for girl supporting girls.

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  • The Holiday

I love all the characters in this movie, and I love the plot, and there are about a million different times throughout the movie where I'm like, girl me too the fuck

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the holiday, quotes, and kate winslet image

Oh yeah, and one of them bangs the other one's brother

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Good fun!

  • Clueless

A classic, easy-going 90's movie about a stuck-up girl, who thinks she wants all the fash and the bling, but in the end falls for the sweet, nerdy guy (her ex-stepbrother).

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  • Easy A

This movie is the best; the way Olive handles slutshaming is both hilarious and brilliant. I think it's a brilliant way to challenge the trend of slutshaming, and there are so many other aspects to the movie that are fabulous (Olive's parents for one), but I would spend to much space talking about it.

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  • How To Be Single

I identify with the main character, Alice, so much. I just think it's a great movie about becoming an adult, and finding your place in the world. It's about getting to know yourself, what you want and who you are, without anyone else.

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Thanks for reading!